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HRAC Coming Events Planner - 2006


Kick Off - Ridgeway, PA

Chainsaw Wood & Ice Carving Festival

Ridgeway Rendezvous Feb. 18-25 (Link)

Mardi Gras Tentative Due To Katrina

(Due To Katrina - No Mouton Cove Or Pecan Island Events 'til 2007)

Fat Tuesday Feb. 28

New Orleans Visit Depends On Accommodations

Check Out "The Rose Inn" HRAC-approved First Choice-NOLA

RoseInnKatrina.jpg (224175 bytes)

     THEN TO 

Bikeweek 03/03-12

I-10  Can You Hear Me Now?

HRAC HQ Bikeweek Events

Commence March 1

South Beach Rally (Hosted by Cap'n Jon)

March 2-3 

Daytona - South Beach - Miama - Ft. Lauderdale

Sea-To-Shining-Sea Rally

Sunrise Champagne  

March 5-6

Will Maryann & Sal Make It?

HRAC HQ Annual Meeting

March 10

HRAC Annual All Or None V

The Bars of South Central Montana

July 14 - August 13

Starts At Beartooth Rally

July 14

Check Out Roberts, Montana Lost Village Saloon

And Beartooth Rally

HRAC Ohio AMA Mid-America Vintage

July 28-30

HRAC Sturgis 66th backtracking

August 7-13

Yellowstone to The Vintage to Sturgis - It's the Journey


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