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Spring / Summer 2005 Activities

(in sort of chronological order)

Hurricane Rita Visits Mouton Cove

Old Business - HRAC Demand For Cajun Reparations

Jodie (and Benny) Get Published

Ft. Worth, Texas Magazine

Festival International de Louisiane

Jazzfest New Orleans

Ponderosa Stomp #4 

at Mid-City Rock-n-Bowl New Orleans

Hangin' At HRAC Cajun HQ, Mamou, Covington

A River Levee Pub Crawl w/Donald

Myrtle Beach Bikeweek

Reggie's 2nd Annual Reunion

 D Jai's At The Shore & NJ Visits

Jeff & James Excellent Adventure Alaska

AMA Vintage Rally

Mid-American Raceway Lexington, Ohio 

A Visit With Harry & Jeannie

No Bar Too Far Tour 

Gettin' There 

All Over Montana

Montana Pub Map & List


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